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For homebound patients attempting to overcome physical limitations that restrict their independence, The Thorne Group provides in-home rehabilitation therapists to help improve patients’ functional abilities. Patients are assessed by a physical, occupational, and/or speech therapist. Once an evaluation is made, treatment is administered on an individual basis. This can include a wide range of therapies and supportive devices that help make the patient as independent as possible.

Physical Therapy

  • Ambulation and gait training with or without assistive devices.
  • Stair climbing.
  • Transfer training to all surfaces.
  • Therapeutic exercises.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Pain management.
  • Therapeutic modalities.
  • Ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat therapy, massage, and traction.
  • Home exercise programs.
  • Safety measures and precautions.


Occupational Therapy

  • Retraining in daily living skills, including dressing, grooming, feeding, and homemaking.
  • Adaptive equipment.
  • Hand therapy and splinting.
  • Joint protection through work simplification and energy conservation.
  • Transfer training.
  • Cognitive/perceptual therapy.
  • Upper extremity exercises.
  • Home exercise programs.


Speech / Language Therapy

  • Dysphagia, or swallowing therapy.
  • Post-Stroke speech and language therapy.
  • Communication devices.
  • Post-operative laryngectomy therapy.
  • Home exercise programs.

We Also Offer Home Care and Private Duty Services

From skilled nursing to home health aides, personal care, and even light housekeeping, at The Thorne Group, we've assembled an array of customized and affordable caregiver services from whick to choose. Visit our Home Care/Private Duty page to learn more.


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The Thorne Group 

Registered and Approved by the Department of Public Welfare as a Training Institution for Personal Care Home Administrators.


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