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Testimonials from The Thorne Group

Clients Here's a unique testimonial that we are very proud of:



  The nurses from The Thorne Group Come to see me every day, And try to make me healthy In each and every way. They have a friendly attitude, That makes me feel just right And go about their business, And bandage me in white. And as they’re ready to leave my home, And go along their way, I am so very grateful they came along today!

--Mr. K

I want to thank you for all the services you have provided for me. Everyone is so kind and caring!! Without you and your staff, I could not be able to attempt to get back to lead a normal life. 

--Mrs. G.

   Thank you for the excellent care extended to my husband. Lisa, Brad, Dana and Judy are truly angels of mercy and will forever be indebted to all of you for my husband's recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend The Thorne Group to anyone who requires your services as I have proof positive in my husband’s present condition that it was due to the excellent care he received from your staff. 

--Mrs. M.


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From an Employee

  ...It is a pleasure to work for The Thorne Group. There has never been a time when I have walked in the office and not been met with a happy face from everyone. That is a compliment to you because it is stress free and then you can enjoy your job. 99% of the clients also appreciate the help, some of them are overwhelmed that someone is dong something for them. I would recommend your company to anyone that needed care. I’m proud to be your employee.