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Social Services

Medical social service professionals help individuals, couples, and families cope with the social, psychological, cultural, and medical issues resulting from an illness. Professionals in medical social services also help patients fully utilize medical care and services by:

  • Explaining health-care resources and policies to patients, family, and professional staff.
  • Helping plan for post-hospital patient needs by arranging for services at another facility or in the home.
  • Explaining to patients the epidemiology of diseases, including social environment risk factors.
  • Helping patients and families receive needed follow-up care by referral to health-care resources.
  • Understanding the social, cultural, and religious variables that contribute to patients' responses to illness and their use of health-care resources.
  • Providing advocacy through appropriate organizations.

Medical social workers may help patients with advance directives and other long-term care issues. They assure that patients’ medically related emotional and social needs are met and maintained throughout their medical treatment.

Private Duty Nursing Services

In addition to Social Services, The Thorne Group has assembled an array of customized and affordable home caregiver services from which to choose.

From skilled nursing to home health aides, personal care, and even light housekeeping, we offer the services you need.

Visit our Home Care/Private Duty page to learn more.



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