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Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing is medically reasonable and necessary care performed by a skilled nurse. Skilled nursing includes Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

Often, skilled nursing care is ordered for patients upon discharge from a hospital or other inpatient facility. In many cases, patients receiving skilled nursing are homebound, that is, unable to easily leave home to receive treatment for a medical condition by going to the physician’s or other health professional’s office.

The Thorne Group’s professional nursing staff evaluates each patient’s progress in collaboration with the physician under a written plan of care.

Our registered nurses develop nursing care plans to adjust, change or discontinue medications and perform treatments as ordered by the patient’s physician. RNs monitor vital signs, maintain a plan of care, and educate and supervise home health aides in patient care.

Visit the site below to compare The Thorne Group’s skilled nursing outcomes to those of other home health agencies in our area. You will see that in the majority of categories, The Thorne Group's percentages were significantly better than those of other local agencies.

Medicare Home Health Compare

Skilled nurses also do the following:

  • Provide wound care.
  • Provide ostomy care.
  • Assist with medication management.
  • Work with physicians to ensure effectiveness of prescribed treatment through medication review.
  • Provide patient education on medical conditions and self-care, including diabetes instruction and management.
  • Provide home safety instructions and management.
  • Provide care education for families administering home care.
  • Provide feeding tube care.
  • Facilitate family meetings to help with care decisions.
  • Advocate for patients and families.
  • Monitor home oxygen needs.
  • Supervise the home health aide.

The Thorne Group’s nursing staff is supervised by a registered nurse administrator with 30 years experience in home health care. All staff nurses are specifically trained to provide home health care according to the agency’s high standards and the stringent rules and regulations set forth by Medicare.

We Also Offer Home Care and Private Duty Services

From skilled nursing to home health aides, personal care, and even light housekeeping, at The Thorne Group, we've assembled an array of customized and affordable caregiver services from whick to choose. Visit our Home Care/Private Duty page to learn more.


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The Thorne Group

Registered and Approved by the Department of Public Welfare as a Training Institution for Personal Care Home Administrators.

Our Administrator

Cheryl Dott, The Thorne Group agency administrator, has over 37 years nursing experience, with more than 30 of those years spent in providing and supervising home health care. As a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a master’s degree in health education, Cheryl provides skillful and empathetic patient care and responsible leadership for The Thorne Group agency.

The nursing staff sees Cheryl as a true professional with great managerial expertise. While at The Thorne Group Home Health Agency, she has significantly increased the agency’s patient census, while ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care and regulatory compliances are met or exceeded.

With her oversight and guidance, our agency will continue to fulfill its mission as fully as possible with every single patient.