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Home Care / Private Duty

Today more than ever, we want to remain confident and comfortable in our own homes, even as we grow older or deal with challenging health care issues.

At The Thorne Group, Inc., we provide an exceptional range of services, all geared to assisting our clients with the highest levels of professional and personalized care.


  I want to thank everyone at The Thorne Group for taking care of my sister . . . . We were always pleased with the caring help received during her recent illness. As her primary caretaker I felt relieved I had knowledgeable people to turn to in times of need. Thanks to all!  

-- Donna

The Thorne Group can assist you at home with many different kinds of customized and affordable services. seniors walking

  • Geriatric Special Services Coordination, bringing all the pieces together for you. Working in cooperation with physicians, family, client, and community to recommend needed services based on cost effectiveness and quality. Learn more.
  • Telehealth Monitoring and other Homecare Technologies. Your loved one's health status and symptoms are screened by a professional through an interactive monitor placed in the patient’s home. Learn more.
  • Distant Caring brings our Private Duty services together in a way that keeps family and caregivers living at a distance involved in their loved one's care. We make it easy for you to stay informed and involved, no matter your location. Learn more.
  • Skilled Nursing. When the services of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) are needed in the home. Learn more.
  • Home Health Aide – monitoring vital signs, ostomy and catheter care, ROM exercises, PT transfers, and other services as required.
  • Personal Care – bathing, dressing, personal grooming; special programs are available. A personal assistant to help start and end the day.
  • Companion Services – a friendly face when you don’t want to be alone; an escort for appointments; someone to help you feel safe at night.
  • Homemaker Services – when you need help with meal prep, housekeeping, and laundry, etc.
  • Respite for Caregivers – when your regular caregiver can’t be with you.
  • Light Housekeeping – dusting, vacuuming, and shopping.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living.


You Choose the Services

You choose which services you would like us to perform. We will help you to be healthy, safe and satisfied. Our care manager will work with you and your family to develop a plan of care and select a caregiver who lives in your community and has skills appropriate to your needs.

All of our bonded and insured caregivers are closely supervised by a staff of professionals experienced in home health care and committed to serving you. The Thorne Group’s geriatric special services coordinator personally supervises each private duty client and his or her caregiver at no extra charge. The geriatric special services coordinator also works closely with the agency administrator, a registered nurse, on all private duty cases.


  All those little things I could no longer do for myself . . . are done for me by my caregiver. And she's so kind to me!  


Considerations in Choosing a Private Duty Caregiver.

At the Thorne Group, we've prepared a 16 point checklist for your consideration in in choosing a private duty caregiver. Please view our Private Duty Checklist PDF.

Home Health Aide Services

Home Health Aide Services are available for specific health care assistance. Our staff is certified and experienced in handling the health care needs of those with limited mobility. Services include:

  • Monitoring vital signs.
  • Non-sterile dressing changes.
  • Ostomy & catheter care.
  • ROM exercises/PT transfers.
  • Personal grooming/bathing.
  • Housekeeping/meal preparation.


When I came home from the hospital, I was too weak to do much. [My aide] helped me bathe, changed my dressings, made sure I had my meals, and even read me the paper. 


Companion Services

Companion services provide a friendly face when you don't want to be alone. Companions can offer conversation, participation in game- or card-play, reading-aloud services, escort for appointments, someone to help you feel safe at night. A companion may visit the patient in a facility other than the home if the family is unavailable.  


  It's a relief to know that my mother is looked after when I go to work. She used to be alone all day. Now she has a caregiver who helps her and keeps her company. It's good for both of us. 


Homemaker Services

Homemaker Services help those having difficulty in performing household chores. Our homemakers will help you keep your home safe and clean. They perform: Light housekeeping. Laundry. Shopping/errands. Meal preparation.

Payment Options

Your homeowners, long term care or health insurance may help to defray the cost of the services you choose. We are happy to assist you with insurance billing procedures. We also accept payment through trusts, estates, and private payment sources. The specialists at The Thorne Group are ready to assist in determining which payment option is best for you.


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The Thorne Group 

Registered and Approved by the Department of Public Welfare as a Training Institution for Personal Care Home Administrators.

Private Duty Care Checklist

At the Thorne Group, we've prepared a 16 point checklist for your consideration in in choosing a private duty caregiver. Please view our Private Duty Checklist PDF.

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Geriatric Special Services Coordination

A Geriatric Special Services Coordinator helps the patient and the patient’s family by providing care which supports the independence and dignity of our clients.

Geriatric coordination goes a step beyond in-home nursing. Our geriatric coordinator aids with many of life's practical details, from medication management to banking issues, from home safety to helping clients access a wide variety of community resources.

Please visit our Geriatric Special Services page to learn more.

Telehealth Monitoring

You want to be more involved in monitoring the health of your loved one, but you live in another city or another state. Trips home can be infrequent and difficult to arrange.

The Thorne Group, Inc. can help. Telehealth Monitoring uses a monitor in the patient’s home to collect health data that is reviewed on a daily basis by skilled nurses in the agency office.

With permission from the patient, data may also be monitored by concerned family members and the patient’s physician.

Telehealth Monitoring is a proven resource that helps to keep older adults independent and comfortable in their home environment, reducing the incidence of hospital stays and giving you more peace of mind.

Visit our Homecare Technologies page to learn more.