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Geriatric Special Services

At The Thorne Group, Inc., our geriatric services set us apart. A step beyond typical home health services, special services is one more way our agency helps clients to remain independent. Our Geriatric Special Services Coordinator assists with many of life's practical details, from banking issues, home safety and comfort, transport to and from appointments and helping clients access a wide variety of community resources. senior citizen

Of equal importance, our Geriatric Special Services Coordinator acts as a liaison and informational resource both for our clients and their family members. As adult family members leave home for jobs and other responsibilities, it becomes difficult to care for parents and grandparents from a long distance.

Our Geriatric Special Services Coordinator can help bridge the distance and make family members aware of the best options available for senior care.

Often the care system for older adults can appear confusing and fragmented to those unfamiliar with it. We can help sort it all out.

At The Thorne Group, we've assembled a wide selection of customized, affordable home caregiver services. Learn more on our Home Care/Private Duty page and our Distant Caring page.

What is Geriatric Special Services Coordination?

Geriatric Special Services Coordination is assistance from a trained, experienced, bonded and insured elder care specialist for clients who need help with management of finances, home safety and comfort considerations, and a variety of other services, including connection to community resources. Frequently an elderly patient will utilize a Geriatric Special Services Coordinator when there is no family nearby.

For related information on senior care, please also see our Private Duty and Homecare Technologies pages. senior

Full Geriatric Services

A Geriatric Special Services Coordinator helps the patient and the patient’s family by providing care which supports the independence and dignity of our clients. Available services include:

  • Assessing a person’s physical, environmental, financial, cognitive, and functional levels.
  • Providing advice on home and environmental safety, including needed home modifications.
  • Identifying what needs and problems are present.
  • Developing a care plan by determining what services are needed and making recommendations based on cost effectiveness and quality.
  • Assisting with medication management.
  • Locating and coordinating the delivery of services and connections to community resources.
  • Monitoring the provision of senior care services and adjusting service as required.
  • Keeping the family informed of the status of their relative, and acting as a liaison between patient and family.
  • Transport and accompaniment for medical appointments, shopping or social activities.
  • Assistance in managing money, banking and bill-paying.

Benefits of Geriatric Special Services Coordination

One Stop Shopping walking

A Geriatric Special Services Coordinator is familiar with the senior care services available in the community. This saves time and money for family members who live at a distance.

Personalized Services

A Special Services Coordinator addresses the individual needs of the patient and their family by meeting and talking with everyone involved.


Special Services Coordinators are available to their clients and accustomed to responding to crisis or emergency situations.

Continuity of Care

Special Services Coordinators can represent the patient and their needs to service and health care providers in a consistent and reliable manner, saving time and preventing miscommunication.

Geriatric Special Services Coordination

Geriatric Special Services Coordination services provide a way to help senior citizens maximize their independence in a safe, secure environment.




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The Thorne Group

Registered and Approved by the Department of Public Welfare as a Training Institution for Personal Care Home Administrators.

This is what our patients and their families say about our special services:

  I live in Ohio and can’t be with my mom on a daily basis. My mom doesn’t always hear or comprehend important pieces of information during her medical appointments. Christy takes her to the doctor and stays during the appointment to help my mom understand and remember what the doctor says. If I have questions on the visit, I rely on Christy for accurate answers. It’s reassuring to have that kind of support for my mother. 


  It was getting harder and harder to balance my checkbook and the bank was calling almost every month to tell me I was overdrawn. Now I have help with that and paying my bills. It’s such a relief. 


  My son lives in Michigan and can’t take me to my doctor’s appointments or to the store. I’m so happy that The Thorne Group can take me where I need to go. 


  The special services coordinator helped me to find someone to fix several broken stairs. And then she was able to find me a new refrigerator I could afford, and she even made arrangements to have the old one taken away. 


Geriatric Special Services

  • Transport to medical appointments
  • Accompanying the patient during medical appointments if the patient so desires
  • Money management, banking and bill-paying
  • Arranging for safety and comfort modifications for the home
  • Assistance with medication management
  • Family liaison
  • Supervision of private duty services
  • Transport to shopping and social activities
  • Identifying and coordinating connections to community resources


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