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Distant Caring

As more and more families have children and potential caregivers who live away from home, it becomes difficult to care for parents and grandparents from a distance.

At The Thorne Group, Inc., we specialize in services designed not only to help aging clients live in the comfort of their own home for as many years as possible, but also to reduce the incidence of hospital stays, and to keep families, even "families at a distance," well informed and involved in the care of their loved ones. family

And we understand that all clients are different, with varying needs for health care, household assistance, and health care monitoring.

Today, older adults wish to remain as independent as possible in their own homes.

Yet they may have complex needs and little connection to the many community services available for them.

There may be cognitive issues, such as memory loss, as well as one or more health conditions requiring close monitoring.

Distant Caring Encompasses Several Services:

The challenge can be met.

At The Thorne Group, Inc., we have the experience to fully evaluate the circumstances and needs of your loved one, bringing together personalized solutions that meet their needs and comfort level.

Although you may be in another city or out of state, we know you want to remain involved and informed. We can give you the tools to stay informed and involved while we support and manage your loved one's independence, well-being, safety, and health.

We know that successfully coordinating these services means peace-of-mind for all involved.

Private Duty Caregiver Checklist

At the Thorne Group, we've prepared a 16 point checklist for your consideration in in choosing a private duty caregiver. Please view our Private Duty Checklist PDF.

Skilled Nursing

Our Skilled Nursing provides a professional nursing staff to evaluate each patient’s progress in collaboration with the physician under a written plan of care. We carefully develop nursing care plans to adjust, change or discontinue medications and perform treatments as ordered by the patient’s physician.

Professional Resources

From Physicians and Financial Planning to Placement Services, Community Resources, and more. We've prepared a handy list of local professional resources that can be of use to you and yours when Distant Caring becomes a priority for your family.

Visit our Professional Resources page to learn more.

The Thorne Group provides services in Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties, including the communities of Greensburg, Irwin, North Huntingdon, Latrobe, Derry, and more.

Bringing the Pieces Together

Whether you are providing elder care for a loved one close to home, or trying to give support from a distance, the maze of medical and community services can be intimidating.

The Thorne Group's Geriatric Special Services Coordinator can bring all the pieces together for you. She knows all of the services available in the community and the cost and quality of those services.

Visit our Geriatric Special Services page to learn more.

Exceptional Services

At The Thorne Group, Inc. we can fully meet the needs of older patients through Private Duty home care and Skilled Nursing.

With Private Duty home care, you choose which services you would like us to perform. Our care manager works with you and your family to develop a plan of care and to select a caregiver who lives in your community and has skills appropriate to your needs.



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Considerations in Choosing a Private Duty Caregiver

At the Thorne Group, we've prepared a 16 point checklist for your consideration in in choosing a private duty caregiver. Please view our Private Duty Checklist PDF.

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Telehealth Monitoring

Contact Us about Telehealth Monitoring and other Homecare Technologies today.

You want to be more involved in monitoring the health of your loved one, but you live in another city or another state. Trips home can be infrequent and difficult to arrange.

The Thorne Group, Inc. can help. Telehealth Monitoring uses a monitor in the patient’s home to collect health data that is reviewed on a daily basis by skilled nurses in the agency office.

With permission from the patient, data may also be monitored by concerned family members and the patient’s physician.

Telehealth Monitoring is a proven resource that helps keep patients comfortably in their home environment, reducing the incidence of hospital stays and giving you more peace of mind.

Visit our Homecare Technologies page to learn more.

Geriatric Special Services Coordination

Geriatric Special Services Coordination is often seen as a puzzle, in which 4 pieces must fit together: the patient, the patient's support group, available community services, and an appropriate residence for the patient.

The Geriatric Special Services Coordinator both assess needs and implement goal oriented programs for the benefit of the patient.

To learn more, visit our Geriatric Special Services page.

Contact Us today to learn more about how The Thorne Group, Inc. can provide the best in home health services for your loved ones.